Buyer Assistance Services


Buyer Assistance Services

Investment is always an opportunity to earn more. A risk-taking mindset propels a person to go beyond the ordinary and support what he thinks is growth-oriented.

If you are interested in becoming an investor but are unsure and need help figuring out where to put money, our experts are here to guide you.

Who are our experts?

Our experts are experienced in market analyses, trends, and financial advisors. They can help you decide which business will provide you with a good return on your investment. There are thousands of businesses with some promise and some fallacy. The line between practical and logical is skinny and difficult to understand for new investors. Here comes the role of DigiOwn experts who work like your mentor to guide you in all investment steps.

Why DigiOwn

DigiOwn is an authentic platform with thousands of businesses registered to trade their interest. We have a strict verification policy to protect companies, investors, businesses, and startups from fraud.

Invest in a Legitimate Company:

When you invest in a company listed on the DigiOwn marketplace, you invest in a legitimate company. Each company listed on our platform must furnish basic and legal business details at the time of registration.

Free Valuation:

We provide free valuation services (link it to the valuation page) to all the companies registered on our platforms. Our valuation service helps business calculate their net worth for selling their businesses. We ask for basic details of the businesses, and someone from our team gets back to the business owner to get more information. The details thus provided are processed to calculate the valuation of a business.

Free Escrow Service:

DigiOwn provides its clients with a fair marketplace in which to trade business. We offer free escrow service (link to the escrow page), under which the buyers must deposit the agreed amount for buying a particular business. The amount is put on hold until the buyer gets the order as agreed with the seller. The escrow amount is released to the seller once the buyer is satisfied with the order. Our escrow service ensures the seller and buyer's 100% safety and satisfaction.

Buyer Assistance Service:

We help new buyers and investors in finding promising ventures. We have a dedicated team of experts who carefully evaluate a business. Based on our valuation, we make a list of buyer recommendations. The recommendations are based on the buyers' budget, interest, and requirements.

Frequently Asked Question

If I invest in a business, when can I expect returns?

Return on a business depends on the terms of investment. For instance, some investors seek equity in the company, while some ask for monthly returns. Visit our Get Startup Funding (link it with the Get Startup Funding page) to get an idea of the different types of investment.

Can I withdraw my investment if I don’t find it suitable for returns?

When you invest in a company, you give a percentage of your funds to help a business operate. You can ask for a return if the business fails to meet your expectations. However, the returns terms should be precisely conveyed while agreeing to fund a business.

Can I invest in more than one business at a time?

Yes, you can invest in as many businesses as you want.

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